Saraceno Art gallery was founded in Rome in Via Monserrato in 2021, thanks to Marilena’s passion for art. For years she has collected works of art by contemporary artists with a natural inclination to blending these with objects of design.

The gallery has been intentionally conceived as a space in which Art is expressed in all its various forms, the idea behind this concept is to contextualize modern art within everyday life, amalgamating it with exclusive objects of design that have characterized some of the most important decades of our century.

Most certainly the purchase of a work of art derives from the personally exquisite stirring emotion, that beauty provokes in each of us; putting this in context in one’s personal sphere enables each individual work of art to shed its uniqueness, allowing it become part of an intimate playful dialogue acted out in the background of our daily life.

This will result in a periodical selection of objects of design that are “coherent” with the artists being put forth, with the aim of proposing an idea of art in all its shapes and forms that blends in with our everyday living space.