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Marta Fàbregas


Marta Fàbregas is a Spanish artist.

She was born in Barcelona on 12 April 1974, she studied photography at the IEFC (Institut d'Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya).

She worked in several photographic studios in Barcelona and co-founded Estudi La Fotogràfica with photographer Marc Vidal in 1998.

Since then, she has mainly dedicated herself to the realisation of projects (whose works can be found in numerous private and museum collections) characterised by an imprint that makes them unique and easily recognisable both for the subjects and the technique used.

She is active in the social sphere, with her series of works, gives dignity to predominantly female figures often forgotten by history, giving them visibility and emphasising the essential role they played in the process of civilisation from which we all benefit today.

All her works is by the technique of 'trans-photography', which becomes the media that allows Marta to recover images from the past, carry out her interventions with different materials and print fragments of images that are recomposed using the collage technique.

Marta is also involved in teaching activities.

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