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Luigi D’Alimonte


Luigi Rocco D'Alimonte was born in Pescara on 16 August 1967 and lives and works in Cugnoli (PE).

A self-taught artist, he is one of the most successful sculptors working with Majella stone (limestone from the mountains).

The aim of Luigi D'Alimonte's work is to elevate the cultural content of a natural element, the Majella stone, which has been imprisoned for too long in the cage of artistic craftsmanship, to free it, projecting it into the world of contemporary sculpture. It is therefore transformed from its traditional use, codified by the object-function combination, to become a media for communicating an artistic language aimed at the search for new forms that allow the moulded material to tell a contemporary story with a purely aesthetic/emotional value.

The balance between physical and spiritual volume determines a sculpture governed by lightness, cleanliness of form, soft but severe lines, elasticity, tension and dynamism sought in the apparently sterile material, sometimes amplified through the use of cords, which bind thin and deformed edges, fixing the form.  

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