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Alessandro Valeri



Alessandro Valeri lives and works in Rome.

He studied at the Roberto Rossellini State Institute of Cinematography and Television and the Experimental Centre of Cinematography in Rome, and now he works in the cradle of the New Roman School: the Pastificio Cerere.

His research ranges in a structured path between different materials and techniques - installation, photography, drawing, writing, video, advertising, painting, sculpture - with a critical attention towards the reality that he questions and investigates each time. His work stems from a desire for creative and social participation and sharing that brings about a change in individual and collective consciousness.

She has exhibited in various museums and galleries including MAXXI and MACRO, Rome; Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome; PAN, Naples; Palazzo Reale, Milan. In 2015 and 1999 he participated in the Venice Biennale, respectively Sepphoris (56th Edition) and Progetto Oreste Cinema (48th Edition). 

Available works: