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Salvatore Cammilleri


Salvatore Cammilleri born in Palermo on 17 April 1973. He is capable of expressing himself through a wide variety of techniques and materials, thanks also to the experience gained during his studies in electrical engineering; after graduating he studied graphics, web design and communication.

Camilleri’s art is featured by his versatility, this means that his research is characterized by a variety of languages, use of symbolism, techniques, choice and manipulation of materials. He expresses himself through all forms of contemporary art, such as painting, sculpture, photography, digital art, installations, performances, video and audio art and the mixture among them. Each of these languages, in turn, developed with different techniques.

Through its symbolisms it expresses a strictly existentialist philosophical vision. With the spheres he explores the act of birth, of creation through the energy of elements that enter into symbiosis. With Wings he explores the course of life highlighting the act of "not flying", that is the impossibility of the human being to express a real will to power. With Eggs he explores human transience by inverting the meaning of a symbol that iconographically represents life. The common denominator of this exploration is a neo-pop style with a bitterly ironic character. Another binding feature that has always been present in his research is the use of light used and shaped as a real material.

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